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Rise Money - expense tracker

4.99 usd

Rise Money - a convenient application to control of personal finances. It possesses the most essential editing functions:- accounts, transactions.- monthly budgets.- edit categories.- Backup and Restore Database.- CSV-file export.- Widget display total balance, balance of selected account and the button to add the operation.- Lock application using a password.- Display of the total budget. - Added filter by month in the list of operations. - Added "Fast mode" list of transactions (for slower devices and large volume of data). - Cloud SYNC.The program has several reports to display information on current expenditure and revenue:- A report of expenses or income categories.- Monthly report of revenues and expenses- Daily report of revenues and expenses- Balance chart
Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, French.
If you have previously used the "Rise Money Free", you can import all your data by archiving data to a file in the "Rise Money Free" and restore data from a saved file in the full version "Rise Money".